Embedded Research & Development

In the last couple of decades, Embedded Systems, has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Its presence in industries ranging from Power, Automobiles, Healthcare and Analytical to Medical Instrumentation is evident. Moreover, embedded systems cater to consumer needs such as electronic appliances, transportation, communication, mobility and so on.

We at QuikProto understand the ubiquity and inevitability of embedded systems. With diverse knowledge pools, with our advanced embedded research and hands on experience we cater to all such industries with solutions covering anything and everything from “Chip to Cloud”.

System Research & Development

Development at QuikProto encompasses overall product development lifecycle expertise that are required to meet the customers’ business and technological needs.

QuikProtooffers end to end embedded solutions to its customers that entail all stages of product life cycle. QuikProto has worked on projects that include conceptualization, requirement engineering, system architecture design, hardware and firmware design and development verification, validation and support engineering.

QuikProto provides services that cater to any stage of the product life cycle including sustenance.

QuikProto understands that custom / bespoke development is an implicit requirement for any solution in embedded systems. This forms the backbone that provides QuikProto customers an apt solution to their requirement / problem.

System Integration

Integrating multiple off-the-shelf instruments or systems, becomes a challenge due to various reasons such as lack of domain knowledge, limited information, availability of team and resources etc.

QuikProto, with its expertise offers efficient solutions for system integration. This integration using standard as well as proprietary communication protocols, adds value to customers’ business with low cost and efficient solutions.

Migration and Porting

QuikProto offers migration and porting services, that help our customers to move from inflexible and expensive products to cost effective and dynamic systems which use emerging as well as proven technologies. This adds value to their legacy products to achieve business objectives in the least time possible.

The services include software porting, technological migration, obsolescence handling and maintenance of legacy code/ hardware.

Production and Field Support

We just don’t develop the systems, we help you make the fastest launch to the market. Engineers from DES extend their support right till on field validation of product. We also help customers optimise the validation and production processes. Test Jigs designed by us help in testing and validation during production and in turn accelerates the production cycle using automation.

Technologies and Processes

QuikProto supports all processor technologies, bus architectures, communication protocols, wireless communication technologies, operating systems and frameworks, PC based applications and tools. QuikProto invests in its team so that it stays aligned with the latest technological developments, constantly honing our skills and knowledge with R&D and training.

Embedded and software development processes are flexible as well as controlled thus helping us accommodate any process model including waterfall, iterative, agile and hybrid methodologies as well as tailoring them to the customer processes.