QuikProto Expertise

QuikProto offers “Product Design, Development, Engineering Solutions and Services” blending applied sciences with technologies. Our expertise honed in the core areas of Embedded System Development / Research, Software Product Development / Research and Data Research enables us to provide effective, state-of-the-art solutions to our customers in niche markets.

QuikProto works with multiple technologies and methodologies in Embedded Systems and Software Applications Development. QuikProto has a strong background in markets such as Industrial, Consumer, Medical, Automobile, Transportation, security and Communication products. We combine our strengths, knowledge and experience resulting in a unique combination that enables us to deliver complex projects to its best in the market.

Software Development

Software Development at QuikProto encompasses overall SDLC expertise that are required to meet the customers’ business and technological needs.

  • Conceptualization of new product design
  • Architecture and Consulting
  • Functional Requirement Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Product testing
  • Integration testing
  • User Experience
  • Product Maintenance and Sustenance
  • Professional Services
  • Regulatory & Standards Requirement Gap Analysis & Fulfillment
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile app Development
  • User Interface Development

Cross-cutting Expertise

QuikProto has experience in various other specialized embedded software design abilities to support multiple segments of markets. A few of them are listed here –

  • Image Processing & Visualization
  • Data Transmission
  • Actuators and Drivers
  • Sensors and input interfaces
  • HD Image Documentation and Archiving
  • Regulatory Standards like IEC 62304, 21 CFR Part 11, etc.
  • Monitoring, Audit Trails and Event Logs
  • Mathematical and Statistical Algorithm Development
  • Data Validation, Data Representation and Data Analysis
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Security (Authorization and Authentication)
  • Database Design and Optimization
  • Kernel porting

Product Engineering Services

  • System design from concept to product
  • High Speed circuits design
  • Image Documentation and Archiving
  • Trouble Shooting, Reverse Engineering and validation
  • BOM optimization
  • PCB Design
  • Test procedures and ATE design
  • Compliance to standards
  • EMS vendor selection and validation
  • DDRC ( Dedicated Design Resource Center)