Pre Paid Meter On LoRa WAN

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Pre Paid Meter On LoRa WAN have the features of compact size, beautiful appearance, high sensitivity, accurate measurement, good stability, strong reliability, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, longer service life and easier maintenance.

They are suitable for accurate measuring the flow rate mediums of liquefied petroleum gas,natural gas and town gas, etc. from 0.016m3/h to 6m3/h respectively. Among the above gas meters, the intelligent integrative gas meters have really realized the integration of machinery and electron, besides the basic prepaid function and mechanical counters, they also have LCD to inform the consumers the inner information of the intelligent gas meter. Gas Companies can realize and provide the automatic management for their consumers.

Mechanical tech parameter

    WG1.6A / WG1.6(S) WG2.5A / WG2.5(S) WG4A / WG4(S)
Nominal Flow Rate m3/h 1.6 2.5 4
Max. Flow Rate m3/h 2.5 4 6
Min. Flow Rate m3/h 0.016 0.025 0.04
Measure Grade   1.5Degree
Total Pressure Loss Pa ≤250
Working Pressure Range kPa 0.5~30
Cyclic Volume dm3 1.2



Min. Recording Reading dm3 0.2
Max.Recording Reading m3 99999.999
Service life year 10(Natural Gas)
Connection Thread   M30×2(or Customization)

Electrical tech parameter

ITEM UNIT WG1.6A/WG1.6(S)/ WG2.5A/WG2.5(S)/ WG4A/WG4(S)
LCD Value Unit m3 0.01
Valve Max. Action Current mA <300
Operation Current for sleep μA <10
Relative Humidity % ≤93
Operation Ambient Temperature °C -10~+40
Storage Temperature °C -20~+55
Pulse Equivalent m3 0.01(100 pulse equivalent per 1 cube meter)
Pulse Form   Double Pulse(Valid electrical level is more than 50ms)
Service Voltage   Double power supply(built-in 3.6DC6V,outlay four AA alkaline battery)


Gas accumulation and freezing function

Automatically accumulated for the used gas, the records of day and month freezing time will be aoutomaticly recorded . Upto 60 day or 12 month freeze data will be reserved.

Prepaid management function

Support online free card prepaid recharge.Recharge information can be uploaded any time after users pressing the button, it can also be uploaded during active reporting period of the gas meter . support gas volume valuation and settlement method, support daily and month freezing function.

LCD display function

The LCD can display the cumulative volume of used gas , current time, battery voltage, communication address , states flag and abnormal information etc. In a dormant state in case of without any operation, meanwhile, LCD will not display. It can be waked through some operation such as gas pulse, button, switch valve etc.

Data communication function

The gas meter supports two external communication ports, one is Lora port another is infrared port. The infrared port is operating local maintenance and the Lora port is used for remote interaction with the master station.

The LoRa function is of two kinds of open mode, the first way: link to the screen display "-L-CLOSE"through the short selection buttons, then the Lora function will be opened through the long key, LCD display "-L-OPEN", this way is usually used for debugging use; the second way: automatically open LoRa function by infrared or a master set of regular reporting time.

The way of opening infrared function: link to the screen display "-L-CLOSE"through the short selection buttons, then the Lora function will be opened through the long key, LCD display "-L-OPEN",meanwhile, gas meter supports HHU and master station for data communication and maintenance by infrared. Infrared function will be closed after 5 minutes’ no communication period.

Parameter setting and query function

The gas meter is able to receive and save the parameters setting by the main station, and support the the query of data parameters , the specific data parameters referring to the communication protocol between the master station and the instructions"

Abnormity protection and event logging

The gas meter can automatically record some event records for the master station to read and analyse such as first level and second level low power, key authorization valve-open, large flow, magnetic interference etc.. And automatically closing valve in the process of air use when finding abnormal magnetic interference and large abnormal flow.

Active reporting function

Gas meter can actively reports the used data to master station according to the setting active reporting cycle, Support up to 60 days’ freezing meter reading data recovery in case of failure connection.

System self-inspection.

Battery voltage of Meter timely detecting system, if the voltage less than 1st alarm volume, the valve will closed and LoRa function will cancelled, meanwhile the meter will report to the consumer, In emergency, consumer may press the button for continue using, the Lora will reopen till 2nd alarm volume reached, after 2nd alarm colume reached, all function will open untill new batteries replaced.

Multi level access remote valve control

Authorized valve

Administrator can send remote valve-close command to force off the valve of meter, then, user can not open the valve unless after getting the valve-open authority.

Cost control valve

Meter can judge whether to open the valve or not after user information updated by pressing the button for a long while.