LoRa Serial WireLess Remote Gas Meter

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The WG‐LoRa series meter adopts LoRa wireless spread spectrum technology to gas AMR business. According to the different types of protocol, it can be divided into WG‐L and WG‐LW series. WG‐L series adopts private protocol, which can realize outdoor meter reading and valve control through intelligent handheld; WG‐LW series adopts LoRa alliance standard protocol and constructs star network through LoRawan gateway, which can realize two‐way communication between end‐to‐end device and control master station, thus realizing remote inquiry, control and gas purchasing. Great convenience to the management and operation of gas operators, improve management efficiency, but also facilitate users.


  • counting function
  • meter reading function
  • RTC function
  • data freeze function
  • power monitoring
  • data storage
  • control function(Optional)

Installation Parameters

  A H W D E
WG1.6(A) 120 221 209 176 73.8
WG1.6(S) 130 224 201 164 67.5

Technical Specification

Base meter   Beta meter(EN1359/R135)
LCD Unit m3 0.01
LCD max display m3 999999.99
Frequency Range Mhz 865Mhz‐868Mhz
Transmitting power dBm 20dbm
Transmitting current mA 240mA@5VDC
Max work current mA <300 mA
Communication protocol   LoRa
Communication distance m ≥1000m
Min work current μA <20μA
Relative humidity % ≤93%
Work temperature °C ‐10°C~+40°C
Store temperature °C ‐20°C~+60°C
Pluse unit Imp 0.01(1cubic=100Pluse)
Pluse stype   Double pulse (Holzer or reed pipe)
Power supply voltage   DC6V(4 AA Alkaline battery) /DC3.6(ER18505 Or Equivalent model)
Battery Life   ≥1 year(AA Alkaline battery)
≥10 years(Lithium battery)
Explosion level   EXibIIBT3 Gb
Protection level   IP54~IP67

Steel Case Diaphragm Gas Meter

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Steel Case Diaphragm Gas Meters have the features of compact size, beautiful appearance, high sensitivity, accurate measurement, good stability, strong reliability, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, longer service life and easier maintenance.

Key Features

  • Meter comply with international standard OIML R137,EN 1359
  • Body case made through die-casting of high-quality (galvanized) steel
  • Measuring unit injected with classed engineering plastic
  • Diaphragm made of superior NBR, fatigue resistance test over 2 million times
  • 360 degree rotating valve and valve seat made of advanced PF synthetic resin
  • Seven Quality Control Points, Fifteen-year productive technology
  • Apply to Natural Gas, Biogas, LPG and all non-corrosive gas

Installation Parameters

  H W D E A
NG1.6 (S) 224 205 167.5 69 110
NG2.5 (S) 224 205 167.5 69 110
NG4 (S) 224 205 167.5 69 110

Technical Parameters

    NG1.6 (S) NG2.5 (S) NG4 (S)
Nominal Flow Rate m3/h 1.6 2.5 4
Max. Flow Rate m3/h 2.5 4 6
Min. Flow Rate m3/h 0.016 0.025 0.04
Total Pressure Loss Pa ≤200
Working Pressure Range kPa 0.5~30
Cyclic Volume dm3 0.2



Min. Recording Reading dm3 0.2
Max.Recording Reading m3 99999.999
Relative humidity % ≤93%
Operation Ambient temperature °C ‐20°C~+50°C
Store temperature °C ‐20°C~+60°C
Service life year 10(Natural Gas)
Connection Thread   G1¼(or Customization)