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SecurDrive is a Data Security solution targeted at customers handling storage of sensitive data. It is a Portable Storage Solution comprising a Smart Card and Hardware Encryption. It features a secure browser for data transfer and contains a 256 bit hardware encryption. Third Party Encryption is also supported.

How it Works

SecurDrive can be applied as a:

  • Portable Storage Solution featuring Smart Card and Hardware Encryption.
  • Features a secure browser for transfer of data.
  • Features 256 bit hardware encryption.
  • Third Party Encryption is allowed.

SecurDrive - Typical Use Case

Data Security Chalange

Banks, brokerages, payment card companies, insurers and credit clearinghouses spend millions developing security infrastructures to keep sensitive customer information secure to manage risk as well as to comply with growing list of data security regulations and benchmarks.

Features of the SecurDrive in Banking and Finance Services

Secure Storage

Banks and financial institutions require the most secure repositories for storing their critical business data. Data storage must be protected at all stages while at the same time ensuring record keeping and bank regulation compliance. By using SecurDrive the customer gets a storage solution with complete end-to-end data protection.

SecurDrive locks down sensitive data with an on-board, hardware encryption engine that puts a military-grade, AES-256 wall between unauthorized users and the drive’s contents.

Secure Transactions

Secure Browser is a enhanced technology for safety of financial transanctions. Secure browser is a small USB stick which provides the same bank-grade encryption as the VPN. Simply plug in the USB, surf the web, then remove the USB when you leave the computer. It will erase all records of usage. Cookies, session, history, browsing data, downloads will be save in secure storage of SecurDrive. This gives you enhanced security cover while using unsecured computers, office computers, or public wifi connections which can be a possible data vulnerability.

The security of sensitive information is always at the back of you mind when you it is accessible to or accessed via third parties. Ensure that your financial transactions are safe and secure with Secure Browser forget those apprehensions.

For Companies

Submitting tax, insurance and employment documents: VAT returns and VAT registers, Intrastat, etc. registration of labor and civil contracts. Issuing electronic invoices, which are recognized electronic documents and thus save time and costs, improve the relationships with your partners and clients. Switching to paperless document expedites flow and simplifies storage thus reducing costs and accelerating the business processes. Our specialized software for electronic signing of documents and maintaining records can be a reliable assistance. By introducing policy of signing the internal document flow you also enhance the transparency and ensure credibility and irrevocability of the business processes.

Security also enhances productivity

Data security involves more than just locking down data. Workers need the flexibility of working from PCs. Solutions available on SecurDriveTM, add security by enabling employees and contractors to safely work from any computer– at the office, at home, or on the road – with a fully functioning Microsoft Windows that goes everywhere. Hardware encryption and strong authentication keep confidential data where it belongs and secure workspace by fully isolating systems from malware or other potential threats that may be present on the host computer.

Securing information exchange

You can sign your correspondence in order to be sure that it remains unchanged in the Internet while transmitting to the right recipient. Electronic signatures offer a mechanism to encrypt the information, so that it remains completely confidential.

Simple and user friendly solutions

There’s no need for employees to install drivers or other software to securely access their stored data, workspace or applications. SecurDrive come pre-loaded with all recommended features, and they leave no trace on the host PC.

Online Banking

Online security starts with your web browser. QuikProto SecurDrive offers a 128-bit encrypted Secure Browser. This provides high level of protection for transmitting confidential data over the Internet.

Online Banking requires the use of secure browsers to protect you while accessing online financial and banking services. More specifically, the personal and account information that flows back and forth between your PC and the bank must be encrypted in transit through a secure browser. Encryption is the process of scrambling information (typically for data transmission) so that it can only be reassembled in its original clear text format by someone who has the correct encryption key to do so. When used between you and the bank, this technology encrypts your personal information and sends it to the bank. Data remains encrypted until the bank receives and decrypts it. Likewise, when bank send personal or account information to you, this technology encrypts it until it is received by your PC. This is possible through a secure browser provided by QuikProto, ensuring that unauthorized individuals that intercept data are unable to read or decipher any information.