Software Research & Development

QuikProto offers end to end software development services from research & idea generation to productization & maintenance.

The software development group has extensive software expertise and technological capabilities that help serve QuikProto’s customers effectively and efficiently. QuikPrpto has evolved to become a niche player supporting complete spans of technologies required for projects developed and deployed in the diverse markets of Analytical Instrumentation, Life Sciences, Heatlhcare and Engineering.

The group provides solutions to leading manufactures’ of analytical instruments, life sciences companies, imaging instruments, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations and research organizations.

QuikProto offers services across the software and product development life cycle. The breadth of projects successfully delivered at QuikProto includes product development scoping all phases of the development life cycle – from requirements to maintenance, migration and porting, workflow automation, development of device drivers, prototyping, customization, integration services, etc.

Mobile Application Development

Potential omnipresence of smart devices has been accepted by people and industries across the world. Mobility has also been one of the key aspects in growth of IoT development. Business tools/applications based on mobility services are hence sprouting rapidly. Applications developed for such smart devices help develop rich user experience, increased portability and numerous options of porting and migration.

QuikProto has expertise and knowledge in developing application software for mobile devices. QuikProto provides mobile application development services for various platforms like Andriod, iPhone, Windows Apps to name a few.

QuikProto provides solutions with complete considerations for the UI designs considering form factors, screen size, minimal keystrokes, etc. along with backend support like security, authentication, authorization, etc. QuikProto has supported its customers in the complete development cycle from requirements gathering to sustenance helping them solve their business problems thereby achieving better efficiency in their business.

Technologies and Processes

QuikProto works towards staying aligned with the latest technological developments thereby creating superior products and applications that are scalable, cost effective and fit for use. QuikProto invests in training their teams to keep them up to date with the newer technological developments.

QuikProto supports all the technologies from Microsoft to Open Source. The team has experience using third party hardware and software applications / tools that scope version management, application life cycle management, build management, etc.

Our software development processes are flexible as well as controlled thus helping us accommodate any process model including waterfall and different agile methodologies – XP, SCRUM as well as tailoring them to the customer processes. The processes support creating and maintaining the documentation required for products / software deployed in regulatory environments.